Scientific aim

This conference will integrate microbiology, evolutionary ecology and mathematics/physics, driving innovation in fundamental and applied questions.



Cooperation, communication and conflict


Eco-evolutionary dynamics in microbial communities


Quantitative impact of spatial structure


Ecology and evolution of infection and the environment


Ecology and evolution of synthetic organisms

Format of virtual conference

The virtual format of the conference aims to enhance both sustainability and inclusivity. Reducing carbon emission is an existential challenge to us all, and will require novel approaches. Additionally the possibility to attend virtually will enable participation by researchers with limited budgets, based in remote locations or with restricted travel possibilities. Registration is free.

Important dates

  • Deadline for abstract submission (oral and poster presentations) has passed.
  • Deadline for registration (attendance only) has passed.
  • August 12th-14th: Conference

All dates are in 2020 and apply to your local time zone.